Michael Govan ’85 – A Vision for LACMA


Michael Govan ’85, director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has a vision for the museum that will change the cultural landscape of Los Angeles.

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Barbara Bradley Hagerty ’81- Life Reimagined


Journalist and author Barbara Bradley Hagerty ’81 looks at life at the midpoint and advises it’s not all that bad in her new book.

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Prof. Liza Johnson ’92 on Elvis & Nixon


Professor of Art Liza Johnson ’92 talks about crafting her new film, “Elvis & Nixon”

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Prof. Barbara Takenaga’s Waiting in the Sky


Professor of Art Barbara Takenaga has a new exhibition at DC Moore Gallery in New York City.

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Unearthed Thayer


The New York Times reports on the unearthed work of Abbott Handerson Thayer now on exhibit at WCMA.

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Kevin B. Lee ’97 – King of Video Essays


Kevin B. Lee ’97 has raised the video essay to an art form, including his work on “Transformers: The Premake.”

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Professor Laylah Ali ’91 – Bodies in Notion


Where comfort meets discomfort is where you will find Art Professor Laylah Ali ’91 in this Juxtapoz Magazine interview.

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Art Meets Business


A Williams class that combined art history and the economics of the art market is featured in this recent Wall Street Journal story.

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Documenting Global Change


Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Class of 1946 Environmental Fellow in Residence Elizabeth Kolbert talks climate change.

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A Marvelous Order


Judd Greenstein ’01, Joshua Frankel ’02 and Will Rawls ’00 are mounting a new opera tracing the mid-century fight between Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs over New York City’s landscape.

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