WCMA at Night

Listening to the fiddle music of Sato Matsui (Class of 2014) while wandering through the galleries… with the infrared camera.

WCMA at Night is a series of late-night happenings at the Williams College Museum of Art. The line up of experiences at this open house event offers the opportunity for visitors to curate their own involvement at the museum: to drop in on an informal artist chat, join in on a collaborative art project, to follow a de-tour of the collection, led by a community expert whose passion (think cartography, community gardening, theater set design) provides a unique lens through which to look at art. WCMA at Night invites students and the community to own the museum and its programming to a greater degree,” museum director Christina Olsen explains.

To craft these offbeat, creative, and often thematic evenings, the museum staff teams up with artists and student groups to connect Williams students with art—and each other—in unexpected and delightful ways. It’s what Olsen calls, “bottom-up, social, and informal learning.”

You can check out the highlights from October’s WCMA at Night and then plan to attend November’s event, when the museum joins forces with Williams Reads for a poetic and performative look at intercultural encounters. For more information about November’s event, visit http://bit.ly/HHhueZ